Transform your artwork into vector brilliance
in Adobe Illustrator.

Art & Digital Processes

So... you've learned illustrator and fallen in love with design, but you just can't get your beloved mediums -just- how you want them in vector. 

It takes some practice. I'll show you everything I know.

"I just can't get my art to look the way I want in Illustrator."

I have spent years learning to bridge the gap between my analog and digital art, and have found a place of beautiful balance.  I made this course to show you everything I learned along the way. Packed full of insight, experience, and skillsets, you will walk away from this course with a toolkit unique to you and your artwork. 

You can vectorize your artwork in a way you love.

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"The course quality is top notch, from the structure to the content. My confidence has now accelerated in bringing my analog artwork and adjusting in illustrator with the methods that Lissie has taught us."




"I love to work in watercolor and gouache which always seemed impossible to digitize. Along came the lovely, talented Lissie! She taught us how to add depth and texture in Adobe Illustrator. She taught us not to be afraid and just keep going. Lissie is a truly gifted teacher. "




"A wonderful thing I can say about taking Art + Digital Processes course was truly understanding how to make your designs look authentic as your original artwork using Adobe Illustrator. This was important for me."



— Linda H 

" I was disappointed in how my paintings looked in Adobe Illustrator and thought I was going to have to use Photoshop, which limited enlargement sizes. When I saw Lissie's course, I knew this was exactly what I wanted to learn. She did not disappoint."



— Roxy, university student

“Lissie is SUCH an encouraging person. She has so much kindness and it truly shows in her teaching. She meets her students where they are and gives the kind of feedback you ask for.”



— jessica, university student

“I appreciate Lissie's open-mindedness. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to illustration and composition. I always leave class with a sense of direction I did not have walking in. I encourage anyone to work with her and learn from her.”



— Brailee, University Student

“Lissie is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She inspires me to think beyond what I think I know as a designer... She's honest and provides feedback in such a way that I want to hear her opinions... She is a blessing to my life.”



— skillshare mini-class student

“Lissie makes explanations clear and detailed in an elaborate way so the student easily understand the tools needed to work.”



— skillshare mini-class student

“I very much appreciate the way she goes over the material, step by step, with specific instructions...Very orderly...”



— kandice H.

“Thank you for clearly explaining your steps and leaving me feeling inspired to do it myself!”



— colleen

“...Thoughtful, super easy to follow, and opened a world of possibilities for me for to add depth to my digital work. I am already trying new things because of this class! LOVED it! Thank you!.”



— tess, University Student

“Lissie came in... and showed me a path I had never thought of before as an artist. One of independence, the opportunity to create a name for myself with something I love...ART. I have learned valuable skills in creating work I am passionate about... I'm so thankful for having Lissie to guide me.”



Procreate Module

I'm dropping an all-new Procreate Module to the 2023 course!
We gotta learn how to get those pixels to vector too!


Yes, I'm thinking of your style.

You will walk away from this course with the tools you need for your unique style -

I am a licensed artist, designer, and illustrator from Oklahoma! I have been an artist for most of my life and have been working in Adobe Illustrator for over 13 years.

I am currently a University Art Professor and let me tell you, teaching is my absolute passion. I absolutely love watching students grow their skillsets as we share our creativity together. The world is a more beautiful place because of what we put in it. 

I'm Lissie! 

Your instructor 

  • Tackle the problem of bringing art into Illustrator
  • Add design thinking to your artistry
  • 3 key mindsets for successful digital processing 
  • Learn the history of turning drawings and paintings into scalable design work: (hint - it's been done for hundreds of years)
  • Exercises to get excited about vectorizing your artwork in a way you love
  • Learn design the design thinking you need to know to vectorize anything
  • Learn the language illustrator uses to translate your artwork
  • Learn the secrets behind the Image Trace panel
  • Learn the step-by-step process to prepare any artwork for illustrator 
  • 3 big exercises to help you effortlessly prepare your artwork
  • Learn how to make a design plan for any artwork or any medium

Art, Design, and Digital Processes

Make a Design Plan
(and learn my illustrator secrets)

  • Move forward with advanced practices in Illustrator
  • Learn approaches to several specific art mediums including acrylic and gouache, watercolor, printmaking, mixed media, etc. 
  • Exercises and prompts included

Learn to observe and vectorize your specific art mediums

  • Practical walk-throughs and examples for vectorizing
  • Learn approaches to basic drawing and coloring art mediums 
  • Tips and options for vectorizing
  • Learn and practice vectorizing skills 
  • Watch Lissie vectorize 
  • Work with exercises and share your new expertise

Vectorize Anything

Here's What You'll Learn


6 weeks and 50+ lessons in Art and Digital Processes

How does this sound?

Live Q&As 



you're going to get:

Fully immersive pop-up community 


Fully functional community app


Fun events and interactions as an add-on to the experience


 I was thinking about learning pattern creation in Photoshop, but now I can achieve the look I want in Illustrator... incredibly thought-provoking!

— skillshare mini-class student

Being able to achieve a painterly look in scalable vectors is a game-changer! 

"Lissie shares in depth her process to bring all the detail and texture found in traditional paintings and recreates it as vector art in Adobe Illustrator. She has given me the skills to take my designs to the next level.

In addition to helping my signature style evolution, Lissie’s super power is not only teaching, but her ability to foster a supportive and inspiring community for learning."


Yes, It Really Works

It also showed me that in order to get a more painterly feel I'm going to have to approach the work in a bit of a different way... Lissie's patience, kindness, and willingness to take time with us is truly appreciated."


One of the best parts of the class was the warmth and support from the other members of the community, helping and cheering each other on. Lissie was so open and helpful it made this class a joy to be a part."


"The processes to explore texture and warmth in vectorized work while preserving the beauty and integrity of my original paintings and sketches is pushing my signature style to new heights. 

"My biggest challenge is keeping the hand-drawn feel to my work when I bring it into Illustrator. After the A&D course, I have a better grasp on how to help with this.

Payment Plan

6 weeks/50+ lessons

curated exercises

Immersive pop-up  community

live Q&A

3 payments of $179

One Payment 

6 weeks/50+ lessons

curated exercises

immersive pop-up community

full support for questions

1 payment of $497

Select the plan that works for you

full support for questions

live Q&A

3 payments of $179


6 weeks/50+ lessons

curated exercises

immersive pop-up community

full support for questions

1 payment of $497

Select the plan that works for you

live Q&A

exercises to improve your skills

community included

Study at your own pace

5 modules
over 6 weeks

Q&A with lissie

This course is for you if:

you are an artist needing to work digitally

you have no experience in illustratoR

YOu ARE IN a design industry like graphic design, surface pattern design, or illustration

It's probably not for you if...

you are looking to bring in your artistic character and depth into your work

You have some experience in Adobe Illustrator

you don't struggle with digitizing

Try my program for 7 days. Get your money back if it doesn't serve you.

Remember, you will receive life-time access to this course and support from me with this purchase!

money back 


Is this a live course? How does it work?

This course costs $497 and begins on May 19.  You will have lifetime access to the course material.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the course?

There is a payment plan! You have the option to pay in full or in a 3-month payment plan! 

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes! I accept PayPal and credit cards. Payment plans are not supported by PayPal!

What is the difference between your Texture Lab and this course?

Great question! My Texture Lab focuses on Textures specifically. There is not a lot of  focus on texture in this course.  I dive much deeper into design prep work and design thinking in this course. I also cover some design history and look at a lot of challenges with all of the art mediums we use. I do go over a few items in painting that might be familiar, but this course looks more at the process of working with full art drawings and paintings, and coming up with ways to make them their best in Illustrator, as vectors.

Do I need to know Illustrator to take this course?

Yes. A basic understanding and working knowledge of Illustrator would be best to take this course, but no need to be advanced! I am very thorough in my teaching in Illustrator and talk through my processes so that any level can understand.  I will not be teaching Illustrator basics.

Why Illustrator and not Photoshop?

Well I love this question, because I actually love both Photoshop and Illustrator! I think as designers, it is important to know both programs, because they do different things. Neither program is better than the other! Illustrator is generally deemed a vector/design program, and photoshop and art/pixel program. I am teaching Illustrator in this class as a design program, helping us to bring artwork in and keep the character of it, so we can have vector ready images for the clients and companies we design for. 

Do you have a payment plan?

This is a live course. Class begins on May 19, and the modules will be delivered at that time. You will be added to a  pop-up community that I will be involved in, and we will have 1 kickoff call and 2 big Q&A calls. I can't wait to see what you do! 

When does the course start?

Registration for this course period opens May 9, 2023 and closes May 16. The course will kickoff May 19!  🎉

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I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your learning experience or business is an important one! Let me know how I can help you or answer any questions. Email me below and I'll answer any questions you have.