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I've spent years learning how to bridge the gap between my artwork in traditional and digital mediums, and have found a place of beautiful balance. In this course, learn how to transform your artwork into vector brilliance.

Learn Fine Art and Digital Processes

Learn Fine Art
and Digital Processes

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Art & Digital Processes

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Learn digital textures with me.

Below is a series of classes I created for Skillshare. These classes focus on creating textures in Adobe Illustrator, so that you can explore more ways to bring dimension to your digital work. These foundational classes teach you techniques in vectorizing and insight on approaching analog mediums in Illustrator such as pencil and paint. You will also learn several ways of finding textures to utilize, and how to build up a library of them in Adobe Illustrator, so you can pull from that library anytime. 

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The Texture Lab

Finding Textures

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welcome to

Textures 1.0

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Painted Textures

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